Need wipers?

for your Astra

step 1 illustration
step 1

Disconnect the old blade

Start with the driver's side. The blade on your Astra is attached to the wiper arm with a small pin that passes through a hole in the side of the blade. Hold the wiper arm in one hand and carefully pull the wiper directly out.

Need wipers?

for your Astra
step 2 illustration
step 2

Set the blade aside

Once the blade is separate from the arm, place it to the side. You will see the pin that the blade attaches to.
step 3 illustration
step 3

Attach the included adapter

An adapter is included in the package with your wiper blade. Place this over the wiper attachment. It will hold the pin in place.
step 4 illustration
step 4

Position the new blade

Position the new blade so that the hole on the side of the wiper is directly in front of the pin on the wiper arm. Push the wiper on to the pin. You will hear a click when it is attached.
step 5 illustration
step 5


You're all finished with the driver's side. Repeat the process on the passenger side of your Astra.

Need more help?

Rain-x has a series of installation videos you can view here.
We want to help. Send us an e-mail at and we'll help you install your wipers.

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