Replacement Wiper Blade FAQ

There's a lot more to wiper blades than meets the eye. So, we've compiled a list of questions and answers about them.

How easy is it to replace wipers?

If you have the right wipers, they can be replaced in less than a minute on most cars & trucks. The hard part is almost always starting with the right blades. We guarantee you'll get the correct wipers for your vehicle and they'll come with the correct attachment. Don't take our word for it - watch a mom change her wipers in 25 seconds.

How often should I replace my wiper blades?

Experts recommend replacing your wipers every six months. Research suggests most people wait between 18 months and three years.

What size wiper blades do I need?

Lengths vary widely, even on the same model of car. For example, cars like the 2005 Honda Civic take one size blade on the Coup and a different size on the Sedan body style. Many cars take different lengths on the driver & passenger sides, as well.

Where is your windshield wiper size chart?

We have made it so easy to buy wipers that you don't need a chart. Through painful experience, we've learned that looking up windshield wiper sizes on a chart can be complicated. There are many factors: make, model, year, body style, submodel, wiper type, brand, and so on. We've made it much simpler to find perfectly-fitting wipers for your car. Just type in the model in our wiper search box and we'll suggest the right pair.

Are all wipers designed the same way?

No. There are two kinds of blades: conventional, and beam. Conventional blades are the tried and true design automakers have used for decades. They are made out of a thin strip of rubber held in place by a larger frame with four to six metal arms. This design works well on most cars and was used exclusively until about ten years ago. Beam blades are made out of a single, sturdy piece of rubber attached to a thin, solid frame. They began appearing on luxury cars a decade ago and now come from the factory on models at all price points.

My car came with conventional blades -- can I use beam blades instead?

You don't need to, for two reasons: first, your car was designed by the manufacturer to work well with conventional blades. Second, beam blades are more expensive. While some cars require them, if your car doesn't, stick with conventional blades. In 2010, a leading consumer review publication found no advantage to beam blades, despite the additional cost. We will let you know if your car or truck can use conventional wiper blades when you use our wiper size lookup.

My car came with beam blades -- can I use conventional blades instead?

In most cases you can't, because the connector on your wiper arm may not attach properly to conventional blades. If the manufacturer has made a specific recommendation of beam blades, you should follow that recommendation. We will let you know if your car or truck requires beam blades when you use our wiper size lookup.