How to change the wipers on your 2013 BMW 125i

BMW 125i
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Remove the old blade

Start on the driver's side. Gently lift the wiper arm on your 125i and release the wiper blade. Blades are typically held in place with a small button to push or tab to pull. Once loosened, most blades will slide right off the wiper arm with some gentle wiggling.
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Position the new blade

Place the new blade near the connection point on the wiper arm. If the connector on the arm is a hook, put the wiper blade adapter at the open end of the hook. If it's a bayonet, look for a slot on the wiper blade connector about the size of the bayonet and position the blade in front of it. If it's a side pin, make sure the correct adapter is on the wiper blade line up the hole on the side of the wiper with the pin.
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Attach the blade

Push the blade on to the wiper arm. You'll hear a click when it locks into position.
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You're all finished with the driver's side. Repeat the process on the passenger side of your 125i.
BMW 125i
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