How to change the wipers on your 2006 Audi TT

Audi TT
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Disconnect the blade

Begin on the driver's side of your TT. The blade is attached with a pin and held in place with a hook. If you rotate the blade on the pin, the hook will release.
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Remove the blade

The blade should freely slide off the pin by pulling it away from the windshield. Set the blade aside.
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Attach the adapter

Place the adapter on top of the blade. Line up the 'v' on the adapter with the 'v' on the blade and snap it in to place.
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Install the new blade

Place the blade back on the pin. Rotate it back and it will snap into place against the hook.
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You're all finished with the driver's side. Repeat the process on the passenger side of your TT.
Audi TT
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